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    Hytrans Traffic System has developed a.o. Mobile Route Information System in close co-operation with Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch Ministry of Transport and Public Works) with the view to improving the manner in which drivers are notified of changes in the road situations, especially during road works.

    The Mobile Route Information System (MRI) is a mobile version of the well-known permanent electronic signals over busy highways and is the perfect solution for temporary signalling. MRI can be used among others during road construction, accidents and other events with a high traffic volume. By displaying traffic information above the traffic lanes safety will be increased enormously for both road workers and road users. From the motorway's hard shoulder the system positions data carriers above the traffic lanes to clearly inform road users about changed traffic situations by displaying information above the traffic lanes. The data carrier is based on LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology. MRI can be used on 2- and 3-lane motorways.

    The systems are mobile and independent with respect to energy supply, this means they can be deployed anywhere where traffic needs to be regulated and controlled. Systems designed mobile through mounting on skid and low-loader. Two systems transportable by one truck with lift of system and put in operation by one driver who can set up two MRS systems on the hard shoulder of the road in 15 minutes. The systems can only be moved while fully retracted. Traffic obstruction is not required during the set up and retraction of the installation, as it is fitted with an approved and certified safety operating system. By using only one pushbutton, the system levels itself, extends its arm over the road and turns on the microprocessor-controlled signals. Consequently, the forwarding company of the installations may set up and retract the installation.


    MRI in operation

    The information panel can be controlled either onsite and optional remotely from a traffic control centre, and possible be intergrated in traffic guiding systems which are in use. Hytrans Traffic System has already delivered about 50 units Mobile Traffic Information systems which are daily in use. Concerning safety aspects and lane visibility, the installations comply with the Mobile Lane Signalling System (MRS) Programme of Requirements published by the Dutch Ministry of Transport , Public Works and Water Management, Transport Research Centre (AVV), January 2001. Mobile Route Information system for supporting the traffic management in the city Hanover in Germany during the World Exposition Expo 2000.At this moment the systems are in use during exhibitions and other events with a high traffic volume. The information display can be controlled either onsite and remotely from the traffic control centre.


  • System designed mobile through mounting on skid and low-loader
  • MRI low-loader version mounted on low-loader (weight 150 kN)
  • MRI skid version mounted on sub-frame (weight 110 kN)
  • Independent with respect to energy supply
  • Emergency power supply for several hours depending on surrounding light intensity and messages
  • Simple operation
  • Operation locally from traffic-free and hard shoulder side
  • Micro processor controlled and monitored
  • Automatic stabilize and levelling
  • Equipped as standard with crash cushion
  • Equipped as standard with hard shoulder markings
  • Operational within 5 minutes
  • Clear headroom more than 5 metres
  • Suitable for 2- and 3 lane motorways
  • Can be used up to wind force 10 Beaufort
  • Dimensions information panel 5 x 1 metres
  • Matrix graphic information panel based on LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology
  • One (amber) and two (amber+red) colour
  • Information panel can be controlled either onsite and optional remotely
  • Storage capacity 60 images from customer free programmable images
  • Light intensity information panel 10.000 cd/m2 maximum
  • Information panel totally free programmable
  • Continuously adjusted light intensity related to background luminance through the large viewing angle of the lenses displayed information can be seen over a large distance reach and several traffic lanes
  • Character heights in relation to number of lines
  • Pre-setting new text
  • Text fixed, exchanged, alternating



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